September 30, 2008

Dome of Rock Mosque in Jerusalem

Dome of Rock Mosque of Jerusalem in Occupied Palestine


Majed Jarrar said...

Dearest friend,

this is not alAqsa mosque. This is The Dome of the Rock mosque in occupied AlQuds - Jerusalem.

since the late 80s, many foreign Zionist-backed media started spreading the idea that this mosque in this picture is the aqsa mosque. This is totally false, alAqsa mosque has a gray dome and all built of wood, it is in the same Haram (Sanctuary) with The Dome of the Rock, the one with golden-covered dome.

That (Aqsa) mosque has all the sacredness and the Quranic verses and hadeeth mentioning it and the rewards for praying in it. That one is the one in which all prophets of God prayed behind the prophet Mohammad - may peace and blessings be upon him - and gave God the oath that Mohammad shall continue their monotheist religion, that is, Islam that they all believed in.

This is a link to a picture to alAqsa mosque, hope you pay attention to this and switch the titles,

thank you

Majed Jarrar said...

The reason why media has been making this propoganda is because Israel is constantly digging up tunnels under the 'actual' alAqsa Mosque, it's walls are actually pretty shaky now.

So the day when the world wakes up to see that alAqsa mosque had collapsed, not many will notice because the golden dome will remain shining.

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