September 13, 2008

Baitul Mukarram Mosque of Bangladesh

Baitul Mukarram Mosque is the National Mosque of Bangladesh. Baitul Mukarram was designed by the architect T Abdul Hussain Thariani and has several modern architectural features. It has found its place in the hearts of the Muslims because of the resemblance of its form to the famous Kaba at Mecca.


qashif said...

nice mosque what do you think about this.

xborn2performx said...

Hi everyone.

I went to bangladesh last september and thourght the coontry was a little over crowed but overall very beautiful and appealing. I went to the Baitul Mosque and as soon as i walked through the entrance, i felt as if i had just walked through a fresh medow! Thats how beautu=iful it was. I strongly recommend that you visit this mosque as i would rate it in my top ten and ive been to lots and lots of mosques, at least 500!

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